How Much Like The Nymph Is Lady Gaga?


Over the course of her career, Lady Gaga has played many parts. And in her video for "You and I," she plays many more: a dude named Jo Calderone, a mermaid named Yuyi, a woodland nymph and, we're sure, somewhere in there she's even playing herself.

And it turns out that's true. You see, according to her Harper's Bazaar photographers/"You and I" fashion film directors Inez and Vinoodh, she is all those people and more. They're not actually characters, but different incarnations of Gaga's persona. So yes, under all the costumes and makeup, she is very much like the shoe-less, bare-faced nymph dancing in the Nebraskan cornfields featured in the clip.

"When you meet her she is so real and everything, any character that she does or any outfit that she puts on or any video she makes, it all comes from a real place inside," Inez revealed. "For her, this is one side of her."

Now, while Jo is a hard pill to swallow thanks to his Greaser personality, nymph Gaga is a bit nicer to be around, we'd imagine, from Inez and Vinoodh's description of her. "It's a very pure being, and it's kind of like the sweetest, most ethereal side of her," Inez said. "And you know when you meet her, she's so real."

So, what's Lady Gaga like? "You can tell, especially in the one that came out now, she's so happy and she's loving her life and she's really, you can tell, she's reaching her full potential," she added. "It's a complete being."