You're Totally Into Lady Gaga's 'Bloody Mary'

Late last week, after much Twitter buzz, we asked if you Lady Gaga fans out there wanted her next single to be "Bloody Mary." The song started trending on Twitter last week when some tech-savvy Little Monsters pushed the hashtag #BloodyMary to convince Mother Monster that the song should be her next single – even though her latest Born this Way track, "You and I," only just cracked the top ten last week. There also seemed to be some consensus that the moody electro-pop song would work perfectly with a Halloween-themed video.

Well, you've spoken loud and clear. Check out the results of our Newsroom Poll after the jump and below, check out Born this Way producer Fernando Garibay talking about "Bloody Mary" and "Bad Kids."


It turns out that you overwhelmingly support "Bloody Mary" being Gaga's next single. Over 80 percent of the 11,128 votes fell in favor of the song.

Should "Bloody Mary" Be Lady Gaga's Next single?

Yes – 9,098 – 81.76%

No – 2,030 – 18.24%