Saluting Music’s Hottest Fashionistas As NYC Fashion Week Kicks Off


Fashion Week kicks off today in New York City and we are excited. We’re not big fashionistas or anything – we are currently rocking the stylings of the Gap and H&M … jealous? – but we love seeing people decked out in their craziest couture hitting the streets of NYC to check out shows by the biggest names in the fashion game.

Fashion Week also reminds us to show a little love to our fave sartorial superstars. Music’s biggest and boldest are always setting the trends in the fashion world, so we decided to give our favorite trendsetters a shout out on this holiest of holy weeks.

Lady Gaga – Who needs pants?
Mother Monster has had a massive influence on fashion – so much so that her stylist/fashion director Nicola Formichetti has himself become a huge name in the clothes game. Formichetti is the creative director for French fashion house Mugler and is opening a pop up shop in NYC’s Soho neighborhood where he will sell limited-edition pieces from Mugler, Uniqlo and Haus of Gaga. But Gaga’s most obvious contribution to the fashion game can be seen in the abundance of leg that has overtaken America. While donning a leotard for work probably violates most people’s office dress codes, the pop star’s propensity for going pantless made short shorts a must have for ladies (and many urban gentlemen) this summer. With cooler weather approaching, we’re thinking the trend will fade out soon … and probably be replaced with the bare-faced thing she’s been rocking lately.

Adele – The return of the little black dress
From her soaring voice to her 60s-inspired, ginger biscuit-colored locks, everything about Adele is classic – right down to her preference for rocking simple black dresses like the one she wore to perform her latest No. 1 hit, “Someone Like You,” at the VMAs (check it out above). Some may complain that she doesn’t change it up enough, but we say phooey to all that. What’s the number one rule in fashion? Stick to what works. And when it comes to Adele, the classic black dress works like gangbusters.

Nicki Minaj – Why not have a little fun?
Nicki Minaj isn’t afraid to take risks with fashion. The hottest female MC in the game wore everything except the kitchen sink to the VMAs this year, including an ice cream cone necklace and multi-colored surgical mask, yet somehow it worked. It takes confidence to strut around in an outfit like that, something the “Super Bass” bad-ass has in spades. She’s not afraid to have a little fun when it comes to fashion and we love it! So does YSL – Minaj is hosting an event at the luxury brand’s NYC boutique tonight as part of Fashion’s Night Out.

Beyonce – Rolling old school with a splash of color
King Bey always looks great – no one wears high fashion, red carpet glam and over-the-top stage costumes quite like Beyonce. But we’re loving the looks she’s been rocking since announcing her pregnancy at the VMAs. On the red carpet, she stole the show in a bright orange Lanvin gown that made our jaws drop, and when she took the stage to perform “Love on Top,” which has emerged as an out-of-left-field hit from her amazing album 4 (if she would have asked us to help her pick out singles before the album dropped, we would have told her to go with “LOT” – it’s our fave track, which is sayin’ something), she donned a retro, sequined Dolce & Gabbanna tux jacket that perfectly complimented her changing physique. Both looks were completely classy and just old school enough to feel familiar. Beyonce is perfect. We have nothing further to report.


Who is your favorite fashionista? Let us know in the comments.

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