Lady Gaga's Harper’s Bazaar Cover: Where Does It Rank?

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga's bare-faced Harper’s Bazaar cover certainly is making headlines, mostly because the singer appears fresh-faced and makeup-less on the fashion magazine's cover. For someone as stylized as Gaga, it feels like a whole new look for the always-evolving pop superstar.

Gaga always appears as a new version of herself on every magazine she graces. She's been Goth, ethereal, hyper-feminine, hyper-masculine and everything in between. It seems that she's always willing to experiment with her look and with the norms people expect from her. But this new look is perhaps her most unexpected: It's just her, as herself.

It's a look she touched on for her Vanity Fair cover back in August 2010. For that cover she appeared in just a long, gray wig wearing only a choker and some black eyeliner. She certainly stripped down her usually over-the-top look for the magazine.

Read on to see the full-size cover!

For her many Rolling Stone covers over the years, she's tried it all. She donned an incarnation of her infamous bubble dress back in 2009. Then, a year later, she wore only a thong and a bra made to look like two machine guns. But perhaps her most delightful may have been when she paid homage to herself, in 2011, when she graced the cover in a hair bow.

In February 2010, Gaga confronted rumors that she is partly male on the cover of Q magazine. In addition to appearing topless, she also appeared wearing male prosthetic genetalia. Oh, Gaga you're so funny.

It wouldn't be the last time she wore meat for a magazine cover, however. Later that same year, she wore a bikini made solely of meat for Vogue Hommes Japan. Of course, she also wore meat to the 2010 VMAs, but you've heard a lot about that so we'll stop there.

We like Gaga when she embraces being pretty, and on the cover of Vogue, which hit newsstands earlier this year, the singer kicked it in couture, a baby pink wig and purple lipstick. It was weird, without being too out there.

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