Our Career Advice For 'Jersey Shore' Star Vinny Now That He Is Taking Improv Classes


By Uptin Saiidi

While many have recently traded in their beach towels for three-ring binders, one surprising Guido has also fist-pumped his way into the classroom. "Jersey Shore" star Vinny Guadagnino has enrolled in an improv class at NYC’s Upright Citizens Brigade, a theater and school co-founded by "Parks and Recreation" star Amy Poehler. Last night, the reality-TV star tweeted, "Day 1 of improv classes was dope, these tools can help with many areas of life."

(We heard that he actually missed the first class last week, and take it from a fellow UCB-er Vin, if you miss more than two classes you can't move on to level two.)

While Pauly D is busy DJ-ing, Snooki and JWoww are ready to film their new show, and The Situation is busy, well, being The Situation, Vinny is taking on a skill set that can be applied to artistic, scientific and even physical parts of life. There are many areas to use his upcoming new skills, but here are 5 specific roles Vinny could take his career:

1. Become a regular on "Saturday Night Live": Not only does Vinny totally have the facial structure to play Joe Biden, but he’d also be an instant hit as the newest member of "The Lonely Island." He’d take the guys to new heights with perhaps Shore-inspired videos.

2. TV Show Host: Imagine Vinny filling in for Matt Lauer alongside Ann Curry on "The Today Show." He’d bring his charm and compassion to every interview, yet always know when to ask the tough questions. Together, he and Al Roker could deliver fresh one-liners to the typically ordinary weather forecast.

3. Cooking Show Host: A true cook mustn’t be able to follow a recipe, but rather use their intuition and expertise to create as they go. With Vinny’s newly found skills, he could head to Food Network and introduce his take on our favorite Italian classics. Move ova Rachel Ray!

4. Pick-Up Artist: Remember a few years ago when Vh1 documented guys in bars trying to learn how to pick up women in "The Pickup Artist." Vinny could totally bring it back and teach a fresh set of Guido techniques for bachelors trying to hit it at the clubs. While Guidettes continue to naturally flock to him, other types may present a new challenge, truly testing Vinny's new improv skills.

5. Stand-Up Comedian: It’s not like he’d need to go out and search for material. Just as Bob Sagat had plenty to say on stage about being on set with the Olsen twins on "Full House," Vinny’s experiences in both the "Shore" house and Italy have given him what is undoubtedly comedic gold that’s sure to sell out any show!