Joe Jonas' Sexy Music Video: 5 Things We Want To See!


Full disclosure: I've been following the career of the Jonas Brothers for years now, so this clip of Joe Jonas being a very mature (and shirtless) with a girl in a hotel room in Paris is kind of like seeing my little brother's totally hot friend in a whole new light.

(Note to my little brother's friends, I don't think any of you are hot.)

That said, Joe's clip for "Just In Love With You" seems super steamy. And we're super into it. A teaser just dropped and it features Joe and his leading lady, Angele, being all in love and cuddling around in bed together. The teaser only lets us know that Joe is in Paris, romping around with Angele and that he has to leave soon. (Cue the tears!)

So, we're gonna imagine 5 other things we'd like to see happen before he bids au revoir to Paris. And they're all work-appropriate. We promise!

1. The two buy a poodle together. Nothing defines love like buying a puppy together and nothing defines the best of Parisian pets more than a poodle. So, Angele even when Joe leaves you, you still have something to remind you of the good times!

2. Berets should be worn at some point.

3. Hopefully, unlike Carrie Bradshaw when she went to Paris, no one gets slapped. Though if Angele is angry enough with Joe for leaving and does it, we can't blame her.

4. Like berets, stripped shirts and Capri pants should also be donned. French style at its ooh-la-la finest!

5. Anything. To be honest, whatever happens in this video will probably keep us entertained, even if none of our suggestions made the final cut and there's no time for re-shoots. Oui?


What do you want to see happen in the video? Tell us in the comments!