Cher Lashes Out At ‘Bigots’ Criticizing Chaz Bono’s ‘DWTS’ Appearance

After ABC officially announced that Chaz Bono would become the first transgender person to appear on “Dancing With The Stars,” Bono was viciously attacked by apparently transphobic Internet commenters across the blogosphere and on Twitter. Now his mother, music legend Cher, has responded, writing, ” Mothers don’t stop getting angry with stupid bigots who fk with their children!”

You tell ’em, Cher!

Cher then encouraged her fans to support Chaz on the show, and Bono thanked his mother for her support.

Cher went on to celebrate Chaz’s courage for joining the primetime hit, and even retweeted a fan’s supportive tweet that said Chaz “has the biggest ball of anyone on DWTS.” Read on for more.