Poll Results: Favorite 2011 VMA Performance


You sure did love Jo Calderone Lady Gaga and Bruno Mars!

We asked which 2011 MTV Video Music Awards performance was your favorite and, as usual, you responded like gangbusters. We received 286,579 votes in just 27 hours (it was originally supposed to be 24 on the nose, but you guys were still voting so we didn’t want to screw up the fun), and while everyone got a little love, Bruno Mars and Lady Gaga accounted for just over 94 percent of the total tally. BOOM!

While we’re not surprised that Gaga and Mars dominated (there’s no denying that both performances was fantastic), we are a little shocked that our girl Beyonce didn’t snag a little more attention. Baby bump reveal aside, she sounded amazing during her simple-but-lively take on the amazing 4 album track “Love on Top.”

Maybe next time, Bey. For now, things are coming up Mars and Gaga. Check out who took the crown as well as the final breakdown of all voting results, after the jump.

Favorite 2011 MTV VMA Performance

Total votes: 286,579

Winner: Bruno Mars, “Valerie” – 147,527 – 51.48%

Lady Gaga, “You and I” – 116,718 – 40.73%

Jay-Z and Kanye West, “Otis” – 459 – 0.16%

Pittbull, “Give Me Everything” – 378 – 0.13%

Adele, “Someone Like You” – 1,751 – 0.61%

Chris Brown, Medley – 12,729 – 4.44%

Beyonce, “Love on Top” – 4,433 – 1.55%

Young the Giant, “My Body” – 194 – 0.07%

Lil Wayne, “How to Love/John” – 2,390 – 0.83%