LMFAO Play VMA Word Association Game, ‘Party Rock’ Scavenger Hunt

The show might be over, but our hangover hasn’t even stelled in yet! Before the 2011 Video Music Awards kicked off, MTV News caught up with VMA nominees LMFAO for a little pre-gaming action.

RedFoo and SkyBlu know how to work catchy lyrics into their party rock, so we thought we’d challenge them to play a VMA Word Association Game. What’s the first thing the guys think of when they hear the words Adele, Jo Calderone, Foster the People, Justin Bieber and Cage the Elephant? Watch the video to see.


The responses, as one might imagine, are funny and unexpected, much like their video for “Party Rock,” which was up for Best Choreography at the show (competing with Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Bruno Mars and Beyoncé).

Coincidentally when we caught up with the boys on the red carpet, they were up for another game. What’d they play this time? The ’Party Rock’ Scavenger Hunt. They managed to snag a few more points for the game. How’d they do it? Well, we provided some tape for your viewing pleasure to find out!