Lil Kim's Pasty Bests Lady Gaga's Meat Dress To Take Wildest VMA Outfit Poll

Lady Gaga

Listen, we’re just as surprised as you are!

Given all the hype, we thought Lady Gaga had this category hands down. We mean seriously, Mother Monster’s meat dress is in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, for goodness sake. And she was in the lead here for a good bit of the polling period, but a late in the game push from Lil Kim’s side of the line helped the tiny MC take the Wildest MTV Video Music Award Outfit Ever crown in our Ultimate VMA Showdown.

Guess she really is the Queen Bee. (Not to be confused with Queen King B – that’s our girl Beyonce!)

Kim’s exposed her breast at the 1999 VMAs is obviously still turning heads over a decade later. Wearing just a pasty, the rapper famously presented alongside Diana Ross, who seemed both shocked and amused and gave Kim’s boob a lil feel. The crowd went wild and a VMA moment for the history books was born.

Kim’s pasty didn’t beat Gaga’s meat dress from last year’s awards by much – just eight percentage points (amounting to a little over 35,000 votes) separated the two. The only other famed ensemb to even really get in the game was Britney Spears’ sexy leather biker outfit from the 2002 awards. Brit grabbed 101,378 votes, taking 22.5 percent of the total. For a while, Spears and Gaga were in a bit of a heated contest for the top spot, but as votes started going Lil Kim’s way, Britney fell out of the race and will have to settle for third place. (She took the Wildest VMA Moment category with Madonna and Christina Aguilera for the kiss heard round the world, so we don’t think she’ll mind too much.)

Check out how things broke down, after the jump.

Wildest VMA Outfit Ever

Total Votes: 451,572

Winner: Lil Kim’s pasty (1999) - 177,777 - 39.37%

Prince’s blue jumpsuit (1999) - 551 - 0.12%

Macy Gray’s “Buy My Album” dress (2001) - 475 - 0.11%

Andy Dick’s Christina Aguilera outfit (2001) - 1,110 - 0.25%

Mudvayne’s bloody faces (2001) - 234 - 0.05%

Britney Spears’ leather biker ensemble (2002) - 101,378 - 22.45%

Christina Aguilera’s denim skirt (2002) - 21,892 - 4.85%

Jack Black’s Michael Jackson gear (2003) - 6,054 - 1.34%

Lil Mama’s pacifier (2009) - 273 - 0.06%

Lady Gaga’s meat dress (2010) - 141,828 - 31.41%