What Will Lady Gaga Wear To The VMAs? Hit Twitter To Get In On The Fun

Lady Gaga

One of the big mysteries surrounding Sunday night’s MTV Video Music Awards is just what in the holy hell will Lady Gaga wear. The Haus of Gaga stole the show with last year’s sweaty meat dress. In 2009, Lady G rocked a fluffy bird’s nest head wrap, a red lace Alexander McQueen show stopper and enough blood packets for a dozen horror movies.

When I snooped around the Nokia Theater yesterday, I spied a pile of burlap sacks next to Gaga’s assigned seat. While I doubt this is related to what Lady Gaga has planned for Sunday night’s show, it got me thinking about how fierce it would be if she actually showed up wearing a potato sack.

This seems like an awesome opportunity for some Twitter fun, so let’s get the hash-tag #GagasWearing up and running. Check out some of my examples…

“#GagasWearing A burlap sack???”


“#GagasWearing a dress made out of Bette Midler’s ‘Beaches’ hair.”


“#GagasWearing something Grace Jones rocked thirty years ago.”

The power’s now in your hands, Twitter-verse. Don’t let me down! Tweet using the hashtag #GagasWearing and my favorites will air on MTV this weekend.????

Just like Gaga herself, the crazier your tweets are, the more I'll love 'em. Plus, you’ll definitely want to follow me @jambajim for tons of VMA insider scoop and secrets.