What Would You Give Beyonce For Her Birthday? Tell Us On Twitter

The seat cards have been placed for the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards and I got a sneak peek. Most exciting? The front row, or as I like to call it, The Queen B Section – Britney Spears and Beyonce have the best seats in the house. Fitting, since they’re both VMA vets who’ve contributed countless iconic Moonman moments.

I wonder what they’ll talk about during commercial breaks! Perhaps they’ll chat birthday plans? Both Beyonce and Britney turn 30 years old this year.?

In honor of Beyonce reaching the 3-0 milestone first (her b’day is September 4!), let’s start a trending topic on Twitter: #4BeysBday. For example:??

“#4BeysBday I’m’a buy her a book about algebra cuz she don’t know much about it.”


“#4BeysBday I would buy her the New York Liberty WNBA team. And then she can move ‘em to Brooklyn, like Jay’s Nets!”??


“#4BeysBday I would give her the record sales '4' deserves.”??

Now that I got the ball rolling, I want to see what you guys can come up with. Be creative! Be silly! Be sassy! Tweet using the hashtag #4BeysBday and my favorites will air on MTV this weekend.????

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