Hot Chelle Rae Vs MTV News' Jim Cantiello: Help Decide The Challenge

MTV Video Music Awards week brings out everyone’s competitive side. Nominees campaign for votes, performers try to out-do each other in the main show, and on the red carpet (or black carpet, as it is this year) celebs hope to have the most outrageous outfit.

Hell, I’m even getting in on the VMA spirit. Earlier today, I challenged “Tonight Tonight” faves Hot Chelle Rae to a VMA face-off that’s part “Double Dare” physical challenge, part pop culture quiz and entirely insane. And the platinum-selling rock stars agreed to take me on!

But we need your help! We’ve dreamed up three fantastic ideas for challenges but can only do one. So we’ll let you decide!

Option #1: Re-Enact All Five Video of the Year Nominees in 60 Seconds!

Option #2: Moonman Benchpressing! (Special Appearance By A Lifesize Moonman!)

Option #3: The “Make Your Own Meat Dress” Race!

I’m not gonna lie, #3 is my fave. (Doesn’t that sound disgusting and fun?!) But the challenge is entirely up to you, so vote now and vote often. Seriously! Stuff this e-ballot with your fave pick.

We’ll announce the winning challenge and share the video of our face-off later this week. And don’t forget to tweet me @jambajim if you really want to start some cyber-drama.

Vote now, after the jump.

Don't forget to tune in to the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards, which air live from Los Angeles on Sunday, August 28 at 9 PM on MTV!