Lady Gaga: Currently Embracing Going Shoeless And Surfing

Twitpic, Lady Gaga

Fans of Lady Gaga are certainly used to seeing her decked out in a bikini – she frequently performs in two pieces in videos and in concert. More rare, however, is catching the oft-platformed superstar without her signature sky-high heels.

What fans might be even less used to seeing is Gaga catching a wave, in a bikini, without her shoes on. The star was spotted surfing, reportedly in Hawaii, and had this to say to fans who may be uncomfortable seeing Mother Monster out of her signature designer shoes: “yeah thats me. no heels baby.”

(She also appears shoeless in her just-released “You and I” video.)

While we can’t imagine Gaga going all Gidget on us and hanging with Moondoggie frequently, we’re cool with her trying it out. And it seems she, surprisingly, is a pretty good surfer. In the above pic, she is certainly, as they say, hanging ten.

Now that we’ve seen what it looks like when Gaga surfs, what other unexpected things are next? Perhaps photos of her vacuuming? Will we catch candid moments of her combing her hair? We’re kind of down with Gaga doing anything and find her even more fascinating when she gets her hair wet and her hands dirty and steps out of element for a second or two.

What else would you like to see Gaga do? Tell us in the comments!