Fans Go Wild For Lady Gaga At MTV First Event In New York

Dreams came true for a bunch of Little Monsters tonight, as they got some face time with Lady Gaga during “MTV First: Lady Gaga.”

A handful of lucky fans got to join Gaga live at MTV’s Times Square studio for the TV premiere of her latest video, “You and I.” Looking radiant in a white dress, very large white hat and sunglasses, Gaga reveled in the adoration of her fans, offering hugs and handshakes as she made her way across the studio to the windows overlooking Times Square, where she was greeted by hundreds of screaming fans decked out in some of her best-known looks.

After the video, one especially lucky fan got to ask an on-air question (many more fans got a turn during the live stream), and asked the pop star something that’s been on our mind as well since first seeing the clip: “How do you have sex with a mermaid?”

“That’s part of the metaphor – you can’t,” Gaga replied, explaining that “sometimes in love, you just can’t make it work.”

Gaga’s fans in Times Square simply couldn’t get enough of Mother Monster. “She’s unique, she’s special, she’s crazy,” Gaga fan Danny told MTV News. Another fan, Anne Marie, is taken with Gaga’s strength, saying, “She fights for what she believes in and what she wants. She doesn’t back down for anybody.” Lil Monster Alex took it a step further, telling us that Gaga “freed my soul.”

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