From Breaking Grammys To Crashing Cars: Our Favorite Stories From This Week's 'When I Was 17'


You know, when we were 17 our lives consisted of school, never-ending phone convos and the occasional unsupervised party. We were living it up, or so we thought until we watched the season premiere of "When I Was 17" on MTV this Saturday featuring Bow Wow, Christopher Mintz-Plasse and Colbie Caillat. From breaking Grammy Awards to crashing cars, each star shared outrageous stories from their teen years that totally put our own ones to shame. But which star's teen tales were the most memorable? Keep reading below to find out our top three favorites below.

3. Bow Wow Fails His License Test...Three Times!: Most teens can't wait to get behind the wheel, but few look forward to the driver's license exam they have to take to get there. Bow Wow was no different. At 17 he was already a star, and more than ready for his first set of keys. Unfortunately, he failed his driver's license exam...not once, but three times. In the series, Bow Wow reveals that the only reason he eventually passed the test was because a sympathetic DMV worker broke the rules to help him out. Wisely, he didn't name her. Otherwise, we're sure teens everywhere would be flocking to her booth.

2. Colbie Caillat Breaks Her Father's Grammy: When we attended raucous high school parties the most that got destroyed was the carpet. But at 17, Colbie's out-of-control house party resulted in a much more valuable casualty: her father's Grammy Award. The trophy was knocked over and split in two after a fight broke out at her house. Luckily for the singer though, she went on to win two of her own Grammys in the following years. We're guessing at least one of them went straight to her dad.

1. Christopher Mintz-Plasse Shaves His Head For A Girl: Ok, so maybe it's not worse than breaking a Grammy or failing a driver's exam three times, but we could not stop laughing when Christopher said he shaved his head in high school after his first love (who had another boyfriend!) called him "nerdy" and "cute." Unfortunately, he didn't realize that his high school portraits were just a few days away. Let's just say the picture didn't exactly turn out flattering. Ouch.

To see a picture of Christopher's shaved head, and to hear the rest of the stories and more in full detail check out this week's episode of "When I Was 17."