Lady Gaga Gets Jazzy In VMA Promos


From MTV Buzzworthy:

Fresh off the Noritaka Tatehana heels of today’s big news that Lady Gaga will be performing live at the 2011 MTV VMAs comes three brand-new Lady Gaga VMA promo videos.

In her 2011 MTV VMA promo videos, we see Lady Gaga behind the piano singing her latest single “You And I.” This time, however, Gaga and a jazz quartet, set in black and white, rearrange the song into a jazzy, beat-era torch song, followed by Gaga seductively removing her bra, turning “You And I” into a coquettish, near-burlesque strip tease, ending with Gaga posing in what almost feels like a reference to the classic 1988 L’Instant Taittinger Champagne ad.

Check out another promo after the jump, and get the full story at Buzzworthy.