Gangster Rapper Anne Hathaway Lets The Paparazzi Have It 'In The Style of Lil Wayne'

Anne Hathaway

Looks like our friends over at MTV RapFix better adjust their beat because there’s a hot new female MC on the block and she’s coming at you “in the style of Lil Wayne.”

Last night on “Conan,” Princess of Genovia Mia Thermopolis Anne Hathaway put her distaste for the paparazzi plaguing the set of “The Dark Knight Rises” into verse and busted out a hardcore rap:

Yo I’m a paparazzi / I don’t play no Yahtzee / I go pop pop pop pop pop / My camera’s up your crotch / See I tell the truth from what I see and sell it to Perez Hilty / Don’t call me skuzzy, makin money, that’s my job, celeb photography / What, hell no, I’m not needy / I’m legit, not stalkerazzi / Don’t act so hotsy totsy b**ch, I know that you from Jersey / pop pop pop pop pop / Scream all you, won’t make me stop / pop pop pop pop pop / I know you love to feel my pop

Watch it, after the jump!