Tweet Your Questions For Lady Gaga Live


Calling all Little Monsters!

We need you to be a part of our live special “MTV First: Lady Gaga!” On Thursday August 18, Mother Monster will debut the video for “You and I” on MTV and LOGO at 7:49 PM ET.

She also has a huge announcement to make after the video premiere and will also sit down with MTV News for an interview where she’ll answer fan questions.

This is where you come in! There are two ways to get your questions to Lady Gaga:

1) Tweet your question to @mtvnews and tag it #mtvgaga
2) Tweet a video question from to @mtvnews and tag it #mtvgaga

We all know Gaga loves to see the beautiful faces of her beloved fans, so go with option two if you can! Please remember that we can’t use any video that includes profanity, nudity or copyrighted music.

So get those paws moving to write/record your questions and tune in Thursday, August 18 at 7:49 PM ET to see if your question gets answered and to hear some major news from Gaga!