Love Triangle Update: Hilary Duff Is Married And Pregnant, Aaron Carter And Lindsay Lohan Are Doing … Something?

Back in the early part of this millennium, there was a love triangle between three of the tween world’s biggest stars – Hilary Duff, Lindsay Lohan and Aaron Carter. That’s right, long before they grew up (and Duff announced her pregnancy over the weekend) and the world took them in very different directions, teen dreams LiLo and Duff were once in a bit of a heated feud over the affections of Backstreet brother Carter.

Duff and Carter began dating back in 2001. They met on the set of her hit Disney series, “Lizzie McGuire.” Things were going great for the two … until flame-haired love sorceress (and then-major movie star) Lindsay Lohan came along. Carter reportedly cheated with Lohan while still with Duff and eventually it all came crashing down in a very public way.

At the time, it seemed they all had a pretty good shot at making the transition from teen star to adult superstar. But a decade later, things turned out … um, different. If someone had told us then that Duff would go on to best Lohan in not only the boy department but also with her career and image, we would have been a little surprised. OK, so Duff was kind of the Miley Cyrus of her day, but Lohan showed so much promise that nothing seemed like it could knock her off her Hollywood trajectory. As for Carter, well that’s a whole other story.

Cut to 2011 and Duff’s still a busy bee, not only acting, but also writing and being an entrepreneur. Meanwhile, Carter’s career never really gained much momentum, even after he competed on “Dancing With The Stars” last year. And everyone knows how Lohan’s story unfolded.

So, Lohan and Carter may have tried to pull a fast one on Duff way back when, but she got the last laugh. By the way, congrats on the baby news, Hilary! We can’t wait to see your inevitable line of baby products! Baby Stuff by Hilary Duff sounds like a good name, huh?