Meet The Lucky Folks Signed To Justin Timberlake’s Tennman Records Label

Justin Timberlake

By Morgan Schwartz

Anyone looking for Justin Timberlake’s newest music venture has to look no further than his latest tweet. While he sadly isn’t bringing sexy back just yet, JT may be starting a new fashion trend – hoodies and hats – with the latest video from FreeSol, one of the acts signed to his Tennman Records.

Justin, who formed Tennman Records with Interscope in 2007, has signed a few lucky musicians such as Esmee Denters and Matt Morris and just directed FreeSol’s music video for “Hoodies On, Hats Low.” Basically, he’s just letting the world know how talented he is not only at singing and dancing himself, but at spotting and helping promote other artists. Want to know more about who Justin’s signed and what they’re doing? Let’s take a look.

Matt Morris

You may recognize Matt Morris from Justin’s “Hope for Haiti Now” performance of “Hallelujah.” That sexy voice singing harmony and strumming the guitar? Yep, that was Matt. But that wasn’t their first time performing together. When they were kids, Matt and Justin met in the “Mickey Mouse Club.” (Come on! Britney, Christina, Justin – who WASN’T in this club?!) While Justin went on to pursue pop teenage stardom, Matt opted for a more low-key upbringing. But his love for singing didn’t stop and once Justin formed Tennman Records, Matt was one of the first people Justin looked to sign. With credentials like co-writing songs for Christina Aguilera and Kelly Clarkson and a voice that will blow you away, it’s no surprise people love Matt. His debut album, When Everything Breaks Open, was released in January 2010. Since then, Matt has just been doing what he loves most: performing. Check out his Facebook to see where you can catch him next!


FreeSol is the band lucky enough to be featured in JT’s tweet. The self described “hip-hop, rock, and soul infused” band signed with Tennman after Justin caught a performance in Memphis, Tennessee. Since then, it’s been constant work for the group. FreeSol released their first single, “Don’t Give It Away,” last year (yesterday was actually the one year anniversary of its release) and published their newest project yesterday. “Hoodies On, Hats Low,” the video that is blowing up the twitter-verse, not only features JT but was also directed by him as well. The catchy beat and awesome rap pretty much guarantees that these guys are here to stay.

Bren (Brenda Radney)

Third signee, Bren, is a little more elusive than the rest of the artists on the Tennman label. Bren (real name Brenda Radney) just launched her website,, where fans can go to check out pictures and videos that inspire her along with latest news from the artist. Although she hasn’t officially released any tracks yet, check out her sound cloud to hear some sample beats!

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