Lady Gaga Reveals Her Three Favorite Lady Gaga Songs


By Zachary Swickey

Most musicians shudder at the thought of picking a favorite album or song of their own – it’s like a parent being asked to pick a favorite child – but not the reigning Queen of Pop Lady Gaga. When Popdust asked the singer which of her own songs was her favorite, she had no problem offering up an answer.

“Well, ‘Bad Romance’ has a special place in my heart because it meant a lot to the Little Monsters when it came out. I also think ‘You and I’ is one of the best songs I’ve ever written.”

Though she has no problem acknowledging “Bad Romance” as her current crowning achievement, Gaga does have trouble coming up with a third favorite track.

“But the third song … [long pause],” she started.

“Well, I suppose I would have to say ‘Poker Face.’ But see, I have very different feelings about different songs at different times. I could also say that ‘Fooled Me Again’ is one of the best songs I’ve written, and that was never on any of my albums. I could say that ‘Marry the Night’ is my third best song, or ‘Americano.’ I go through these artistic rebirths where I envision my songs in completely different ways. But I guess I’d say my third best song is ‘Poker Face.’”

There you have it. But how do Gaga’s three favorite tracks stack against her fans’ favorite tunes?

“Just Dance” is clearly numero uno – it’s the song put Gaga on the map, hit number one on the Billboard charts and has gone six-times platinum as a single. Her two other Billboard number ones are “Poker Face,” which has gone five-times platinum and “Born This Way,” which trails at four-times platinum.

Her recent single “Judas” is her lowest charting single – “only” making it to number ten and failing to go platinum (so far). Your favorite tracks may not mirror those of Gaga herself exactly, but she’s right about “You and I” – it’s a catchy gem that just might give the pop star her fourth number one single.

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