Katy Perry Gets Missy Elliott To Party On ‘Last Friday Night’ Remix

Missy Elliott hooked up with Katy Perry for a remix of her party anthem “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.),” and the hip-hop legend’s verse perfectly encapsulates the song’s feel-good vibe on the just-released version of Katy’s latest Teenage Dream smash.

Missy kicks off the chopped-up track with “Yo,Katy, let’s hit it with the remix, baby.” And the ladies proceed to do exactly that. Missy gets us excited for the resurrection of her career. She sounds like she’s having fun with the song as she spits lyrics like “It’s a Friday night, now here we go/ I ain’t no stripper, but I work the pole/ Bartender, can you pour some more?/ And I’m so tipsy, coming out my clothes.”


Missy then goes on and on about flirting with boys and, well, taking one of those boys home, even if she doesn’t remember how he got there. We wonder what Kathy Beth Terry would think of those racy lyrics!

The song then bounces around between verses and choruses and the fun “T.G.I.F.” chant, which Missy throws for a loop with an Auto-Tuned version in which she proclaims, “Now pour my drink till there ain’t nothing left.”

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