Katy Perry Reaches Chart Milestone, Can See The Rest Of Them From Here


Katy Perry makes her way into the record books (again) this week, as “Last Friday Night” moves into the top spot on the Billboard Pop Songs chart. It’s the fifth single from her 2010 album Teenage Dream to land in the top spot, the most for any album in the 19-year history of the chart.

Perry is already riding high with nine MTV Video Music Award nominations, the most of any artist, and is just a few weeks away from celebrating Dream’s one-year anniversary on the Billboard album chart, where it is holding tight at No. 20 in its 49th week of release.

While she can now claim the Pop Songs chart record, if “Last Friday Night” moves into the pole position on the Hot 100, Perry will tie a record set in 1988 by Michael Jackson’s Bad for the most number ones from a single album. The songbird is already the artist with the longest uninterrupted run in the Billboard top ten, having achieved 63 weeks (and counting) with Dream’s singles “California Gurls,” “Teenage Dream,” Firework,” “ET” and “Last Friday Night.”

With “Friday Night” still gaining momentum and other potential singles (“Peacock” anyone?) yet to come from Teenage Dream, we decided to see where Perry stands in relation to some other major chart record holders. She’s closer to world domination than you think!

Most Consecutive Number Ones
If “Last Friday Night” ultimately tops the Billboard singles chart, Perry will be just two songs away from Whitney Houston’s run of seven consecutive No. 1 singles from 1985-88. Houston did it with two albums, her self-titled debut and its 1987 follow-up, Whitney. It would only take one more consecutive chart topper for Perry to tie the Beatles and the Bee Gees’ six-song runs.

Most Number One Hits
“Last Friday Night” would be Perry’s sixth chart topper overall if it reaches the Hot 100 peak. That sum becomes even more impressive when you realize it only took her three years to do it. If she keeps topping the charts at this pace, she’ll join the ten artists with ten or more chart toppers in no time. It’s a club that includes a good friend of Perry’s: Rihanna, who has topped the charts with ten different songs. The other nine members of the Ten or More Club: Stevie Wonder (10), Janet Jackson (10), Whitney Houston (11), The Supremes (12), Madonna (12), Michael Jackson (13), Elvis Presley (17), Mariah Carey (18) and The Beatles (20).

Most Top Fives From One Album
Even if “Last Friday Night” tops out at No. 2 on the Hot 100 – remember, its big achievement this week happened on the Pop Songs chart – Teenage Dream will still have placed five songs in the top five. If Perry decides to keep pushing singles (and why wouldn’t she, given how well they are still performing a year after the album’s release), she could set her sights on another chart record: Most Top Fives. The current record holder here is Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation 1814 with seven. Fan favorites like “Peacock,” “Circle the Drain” and “Not Like the Movies” have yet to see official releases as singles, so it wouldn’t exactly be a problem for Perry to give Miss Jackson a run for her money here.

Most Total Weeks At Number One
She’s not quite there yet, but with “Last Friday Night” on the verge, Perry is within spitting distance of another record-setting top ten. Perry’s five chart toppers have logged 24 weeks at the peak of the Hot 100 singles chart. She needs to tally just eight more weeks at the top to tie Madonna’s 32 total weeks at number one, thus joining Elvis (79), Mariah Carey (79), The Beatles (59), Boyz II Men (50), Usher (47), Michael Jackson (37), Beyonce (36), Elton John (34), Rihanna (34), and Janet Jackson (33) as one of the ten artists with the most cumulative weeks at No. 1.

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