Five Normal People Things We Want To See In The Lady Gaga Photo Book

Lady Gaga is letting fans into her world. The singer is set to release a photo book, giving her Little Monsters an intimate peek into the behind-the-scenes life of Mother Monster. Shot by Terry Richardson, the book will hit shelves in November.

Terry got an all-access pass to the superstar, meaning we might get to see Gaga acting more like Stefani Germanotta than the larger-than-life Lady Gaga. And, with that in mind, here are five regular people things we want to see Gaga doing in this book.

Eat a Burrito: We feel that on occasion, Gaga indulges in one of the greatest foods ever invented, so in the book we’d fancy seeing the superstar chilling out and getting her guac on with a tasty burrito.

Kneading Dough: We imagine that kneading dough is a great way to deal with stress. And while we’re not world-famous singers, we imagine that it’s probably a high-octane, stress-inducing gig. Go ahead, Gaga, knead that stress away.

Wearing Sneakers: She’s always in some crazy, sky-high pair of shoes. We want Gaga in a pair of Keds or Nikes or something just chilling out and, you know, being comfortable for once.

Using an ATM: Sure, the only currency Gaga really needs to get by in this world is her fabulousness, but sometimes you need actual wampum to buy stuff. So, maybe Terry caught her using the ATM. We just hope he doesn’t publish photos of her pin code, amirightpeople? Stars they’re just like us!

Grocery shopping: Gaga using a shopping cart at her local Whole Foods buying brown rice sushi? Yes, please!

What do you want to see in the Terry Richardson/Lady Gaga photo book? Tell us in the comments!