Britney Spears Still 'A Huge Fan' Of Madonna, Also Loves Beyonce And Toni Braxton


By Christina Garibaldi

Many artists aspire to have a career like Britney Spears. Earlier this year, she released her seventh studio album, Femme Fatale, she’s currently on her seventh concert tour and recently she picked up two more MTV Video Music Award nominations for Best Pop Video and Best Choreography (that’s 28 total VMA noms!). Not a bad resume for someone that’s not even 30.

Yet, with so many artists wanting to emulate Spears, we wanted to know who inspires her. So when we sat down with Brit recently, she revealed which artists she admires.

“To this day still, Madonna. I’m a huge fan of her,” Brit said about the pop queen, who she infamously shared a kiss with at the 2003 MTV VMAs and collaborated with on the hit song “Me Against the Music.”

But that’s not all. Britney used to un-break her heart listening to a little Toni Braxton. “I grew up listening to Toni Braxton,” Spears told us, “and now I think she has a reality show that she does. I love her.” (She’s right, Braxton stars with her sisters on “Braxton Family Values.”)

Britney’s love for divas doesn’t even end there – she’s also a big fan of Beyonce.

“Anytime Beyonce performs, it’s a really big spectacle,” Britney said. “I’d love to see her perform. That would be fun.”

Since Britney is such a huge fan of Beyonce, is there a chance we could see these girls collaborate?

“That would be fun, that’s a good idea!” Spears said.