U2 Star In A New Doc, But Here Are The All-Access Passes We Really Want


By Matt Goodhue

Guggenheim says, "this band has endured and thrived." The film, chronicling the rocker's talent and dedication to music, asks the question why.

While festival-goers will catch the band behind the scenes and off stage, we've begun to think of other bands and artists we'd be interested in seeing when the spotlight is off. Some come to mind because of their genius work and success, others because of the crazy lifestyle that we all want to see.

Kanye West

From spitting through the wire to his VMA antics with Taylor Swift, Kanye West is one artist who certainly lives an eccentric life. The Chicago rapper is constantly cranking out hits and sporting some swagged-out fashion, and I'm totally intrigued to see where his inspiration comes from. I wouldn't mind seeing him and Jay-Z collaborate and chill in the studio either. They both seem like some real cool dudes.

The Strokes

After not releasing an album for about 5 years, there must be some interesting story behind the bands on- and off-again status. Yet, the group still manages to produce some of the best rock music of our era. These New York City musicians seem like they couldn't care less about how they're received, which make them good candidates for the title of most badass band in the US. They must have some killer backstage parties, too.

Wiz Khalifa

Between all of the paper planes and champagne that is tossed around, I would be amazed to see when Wiz finds time to grab the mic and go in on a track. This dude seems like he is having the most fun of any other artist out there, and it's crazy to note how much he's evolved and succeeded this year alone. I'm sure this documentary would be filled with the raspy laugh and smoke that all his Taylors have come to know and love.


Odd Future

From Tyler, the Creator's Twitter feed alone, you can tell the guys in OFWGKTA take no shame in making sure they're having fun. I envision this documentary to be a mix of “Jackass” and a horror movie. To make things better, Tyler could just direct the whole thing himself (check out his nomination for Video of the Year at this year's VMAs!). First a VMA, maybe next an Oscar?

Which artists would you like see behind the scenes?