Some Advice for Lady Gaga Before She Judges 'So You Think You Can Dance' Tonight

Lady Gaga

By Danielle Genet

Celebrity guest judges are nothing new to the reality television competition world. “So You Think You Can Dance,” no win its eighth season, latched on to the trend this season with the likes of Kristen Chenoweth, Carmen Electra, Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Neil Patrick Harris. Tonight they welcome Lady Gaga to the judges’ panel to appraise the top eight contestants.

Gaga is no stranger to “SYTYCD." She made her first major television appearance in 2008 on the "SYTYCD" stage, introducing the world to her eclectic style with her first single “Just Dance.” This past year, she chose “SYTYCD” as the television spot to premiere her video for “The Edge of Glory.” Though the finalists will probably have a rough time staying focused on their routines (we know we would be freaking out if Gaga was watching us dance) and host Cat Deely may for the first time be outdone by someone else’s attire, Gaga will probably offer friendly, inspiring advice just like she did on the past season of “American Idol.”

In honor of Lady Gaga’s upcoming judging stint on “SYTYCD,” we’ve made a list of the top four qualities a guest should come prepared with when judging a dance competition.

Familiarity with Dance

The waltz, krumping and samba! Plies, pirouettes and leaps, oh my! We think familiarity with dance terms and styles should be the first and foremost quality one should have when judging a dance show. Unlike a few of the previous guest judges, Gaga does have a dance background to fall back on. Neil Patrick Harris admitted he didn’t know much about dance and instead put his extensive theater background to use and focused his comments on the emotional connection and performance aspect of the piece. He also wasn’t afraid to dislike a performance and voiced his opinions to a sometimes booing crowd. Kristen Chenoweth also has theatrical training and wasn’t afraid to critique the routines and provide the dancers with insight into the business. Jesse Tyler Ferguson (star of “Modern Family”) admitted he previously danced in a theme park and could “throw around some terms.”


Fan of the Show

What could be more embarrassing than not knowing who you’re judging? Here’s a quick refresher – the top eight show will feature Tadd, Sasha, Ricky, Melanie, Marko, Jordan, Jess and Caitlynn and various past season all-stars. Chenoweth made time to watch the show, admitting, “I have the luxury of DVR!” While other judges like Ferguson and Harris both professed their love for the show as well.


“That was so dirty. What a dirty way to start the show … She does that scissor kick around your face. I would’ve kissed her too at the end of it!” Harris said of the hot samba by all-stars Chelsea and Marko. Almost everything Ferguson said was funny and clever and kept the sometimes long-winded judges responses fast-paced and entertaining. Just like other judges who aren’t afraid to voice their opinions, Ferguson also got booed by the crowd, but made a joke of it saying, “I got my first boo!”


Some celebrity judges have difficulty summing up the performance when their turn to critique comes around. Therefore, many of them just repeat or rephrase what other judges have said. Carmen Electra was guilty of just that and left many fans questioning why she was judging the dance competition at all. Though it may be difficult to get a word in next to Mary Murphy, especially when she’s on one of her “hot tamale train” screaming escapades, the celebrity guest judge should always be prepared with articulate and insightful commentary. A unique comment would even do the trick. For example, Chenoweth told dancers Jordan and Tadd their performance “was dessert and I liked every single bite.”

Are you excited to hear what Gaga will say about the dance competition? Will you tune in tonight? Let us know in the comments!