What Should Justin Bieber Do On Summer Vacation?


Remember when George from “Seinfeld” declared it was the “Summer of George”? Well, it seems that Justin Bieber is declaring this summer (or at least the next month) the “Summer of Biebs.” Hey, we’re totally into the idea of some vacation time for him. We think that Bieber totally deserves some time off considering just how much of a whirlwind his life has been for the last couple years.

Now that he has some time on his hands, we’re thinking up some (mostly brainless) ways for Bieber to fill up that ample free time. And, surprisingly, owling and planking did not make the cut.

He’s already pretty skilled at drums and guitar, so we’re thinking that Bieber can maybe learn the underappreciated French horn. We’d love to see him wail on that thing.

Click for more hilarious photos of Justin’s upcoming Summer activities!

Nothing says “I Love You” like a gift made with your own two hands and nothing really says “I Love You” like a crocheted piece of art. Bieber should take some time to work on a needlepoint gift for Selena.

He could finish reading the “Twilight Saga” in preparation for the release of “Breaking Dawn” later this year. We’re not sure if this has happened yet, but if it hasn’t, he finally has the time to beat Angry Birds.

We’ve mentioned it before and we’ll mention it again, we challenge Bieber to a grill off against Bobby Flay. Those are some ribs we’d love to try!

What do you think Bieber should do with his time off? Tell us in the comments!

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