Lady Gaga Shoots Something In Nebraska … Could It Be The 'You And I' Video?

Lady Gaga

Mermaids aren't native to Nebraska, but that doesn't mean that Lady Gaga won't try and find a way to keep one alive in the landlocked state. According to reports and tweets out of the state, Gaga has been shooting something there. We're gonna go out on a limb and say it's her next music video, which we already know will include a mermaid. We're also gonna assume it's for the song "You And I."

Why are we going to make this guess? Well, Gaga has dropped a few hints along the way. First off, the name of her mermaid character in this next video is "Yuyi." Using some keen dissection skills, Yuyi looks an awful lot like the words “you” and “I” mashed together.

Just this week, Gaga sat down with Howard Stern and said that that she thinks “You and I” is the best song she’s ever written. But perhaps the biggest hint of all that she's shooting a video for "You And I" are the lyrics to the song, where she goes on and on about her "cool Nebraska guy."

While we don't know what the storyline for the video is, Gaga's Tumblr might give us some hints. For instance, is Yuyi in Nebraska looking for love? Gaga wrote, "YUYI AWAITS A LOVER TO SAVE HER." She also added, "Would you love me no matter what?" The latter statement appeared as a caption under the photo of her as a handicapped mermaid. A metaphor perhaps? Well, it's only a matter of time until we find out.

"Next video in just days. So passionate about the concept. Can't sleep. Visions of a surreal love. #YuyiIsReal. If you want her to be. –MM" she tweeted last week, perhaps a hint that she was already hard at work on the clip. Days later she added, "Off to rehearsal for a surprise performance and video. :) love you monsters. Fight for your life."

Oh, Gaga, we certainly will!

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