Check It Out: MTV’s New Weekly Web Series ‘Bigger Than the Buzz’


By Chelsea White

In light of all of the endings we’ve had to cope with as of late (the finale of the “Harry Potter” franchise, the demise of J.Lo’s marriage, the exodus of Charlie Sheen’s remaining goddess, etc.), isn’t it high time for a new beginning?

We gave two of’s foremost pop culture connoisseurs free rein to let loose on everything they’re most obsessed with in pop music and pop culture that week. The result: The pilot episode of our new weekly web series, “Bigger Than the Buzz”!

Tamar Anitai is the managing editor of MTV Buzzworthy and James Montgomery writes MTV News’ Bigger Than the Sound column, and neither one can STFU about pop music and pop culture. They devote each day to dishing out all of the need-to-know happenings, sounding off on their favorite videos and swapping notes on up-and-coming artists. We decided to put their gift for gab to good use by dragging them out from behind their computers and in putting them in front of our camera, so you could get involved in the conversation.

Each week, Tamar and James invite you to join them as they breakdown the week’s most pertinent moments in pop music and pop culture over a tall glass of milk. (Fun fact: James hates milk! If you look closely you can see the nausea in his eyes.) In the debut episode they chat about everything from mermaids to VMAs and we can’t wait to hear what you think – not only about each topic, but about the pilot too! So leave us some comments, Tweet us and them (@MTVBuzzworthy and @positivnegativ) with #BTTB and let us know if you’re pickin’ up what James and Tamar are puttin’ down.