Hip-Hop All-Stars In The Booze Business: We Rate The Product

By Zachary Swickey

Pharrell Williams, hip-hop producer and connoisseur of all the finer things in life, is the latest musician to plunge into the liquor business with the announcement of his own alcoholic beverage, which is designed specifically for women.

Dubbed “Qream,” the lady drink will come in two flavors – Strawberry Qream and Peach Qream – when it hits shelves nationwide later this month. Partnering with one of the world’s largest spirit makers, Diageo, Pharrell not only helped develop the flavor of the ultra-premium cream liqueur, he also designed the bottle and will serve as the brand’s cultural ambassador through its advertising campaign.

In a statement to AllHipHop, Pharrell said, “Qream was created for contemporary women who work hard and want to relax with friends at the end of the day. I want them to reward themselves ‘deliciously.’ Women make up half the population and Qream is about celebrating that power.”

Pharrell knows a thing or two about swooning ladies, so he may be the perfect guy to develop a premium cream liqueur for the fairer sex. However, the booze business has plenty of other rapper-branded drinks to give Pharrell and Qream a healthy amount of competition.

Below I provide my opinion on the most notable and tasty.

Diddy, Ciroc Vodka
Unlike Diddy himself, his Ciroc brand of vodka is rather affordable, which automatically makes it taste better to me. Diddy has a 50 percent stake in the drink, so that might help explain why Ciroc is tastier than some other rapper-endorsed beverages. It goes down easier than most and you’ll feel like a baller drinking it with a name like Diddy backing it. (3/5)

Ludacris, Conjure Cognac
Based off hip-hop lyrics concerning the intake of alcohol, cognac seems to be the liquor of choice for rappers everywhere. Many of those same lyrics often contain the word “Hennessy” somewhere in there too, which means Luda has some stiff competition from the cognac mainstay brand. Luckily for Luda, his drink is rather tasty and I wouldn’t be surprised if he used some fellow rappers as taste tasters. (4/5)

Jermaine Dupri, 3 Vodka
Carbs are bad for you for a reason, they’re the good stuff. So when Jermaine Dupri began pitching his 3 Vodka, which is distilled from soy and has no carbs, no one seemed to care all that much. The drink doesn’t make up for all that silly health nonsense with its flavor, but hey, it’s affordable! (2/5)

Lil Jon, Little Jonathan Winery Wines
With his unmistakable voice and in-your-face attitude, Lil Jon was destined to be a pitchman, and appropriately he has his own alcoholic drink. The thing is … it’s wine. Yes, Lil Jon has his own wine label. I know what you’re thinking (because I was too), but he enlisted the services of winemaker Alison Crowe for help that truly paid off. Lil Jon told off all the “sukkas” on Twitter when his wine actually won a Silver Medal at the 2009 Los Angeles International Wine & Spirits Awards. (3.5/5)

Snoop Dogg, Landy Cognac
There are few big names in hip-hop as identifiable as Snoop Dogg and it comes as no surprise that the gentleman has his own brand of cognac. Just like the Doggfather’s taste, the drink is expensive, but it has several awards under its belt, making the hefty price tag seem a little more appropriate. This is about as good as it gets when it comes to liquors endorsed by rappers. (WINNER: 4.5/5)