Theophilus London Dresses Us Up On Our First Date


A year ago, MTV News production assistants Rya Backer and Steven Roberts realized that their devotion to chasing stories was seriously getting in the way of their love lives. That's why they dreamed up "First Date," a regular feature that allows them to get up close and personal to some of our favorite hot new artists.

By Rya Backer

I knew a little bit about Theophilus London before we met up to go shopping. My friend Derek first told me about him a few years ago, and I’d seen him around the city – standing at approximately 9,000 ft (or at least a bit taller, relative to my five-feet-and-change stature), Mr. London isn’t that hard to spot in a crowd. He’s also an insanely well-dressed man, so when I found out I was going to spend some time with him, there was only one activity I really wanted to take on with the NYC-based rapper: shopping.

Metropolis is a fun little store in my neighborhood that I thought would fit the bill perfectly. In addition to a wide range of eyewear (an accessory both myself and Mr. London value), they carry vintage clothes heavy on the ‘70s, ‘80s and ‘90s. Kind of like a good rock radio station. Mr. London and I perused their racks while discussing some of our favorite things: reality television, “Clueless” and the age-old debate about girls wearing clogs (that last part didn’t make the cut). He also picked out some clothes for me to try on, and while I didn’t leave with a new romper or jumpsuit that day, I’ve still got my eye on a Mets 1986 championship T-shirt that I saw hanging on the wall.

Read on for more about London’s new album, Timez are Weird These Days.

London’s new album, Timez Are Weird These Days, is out today. Its first single, “Last Name London,” is perfect dance fun with its catchy hook and a pulsating beat: a perfectly stylish anthem for a very stylish man.