Britney Spears’ Leaked Original ‘Gimme More’ Video: What’s Different?

Let’s just get it out there: the boobies. Those are definitely different.

The original cut of Britney Spears’ “Gimme More” music video has leaked online and includes never-before-seen footage that was edited out of the official video. Most of this footage revolves around Britney’s, um, assets.

The biggest structural change to the video comes at its beginning and end. In the official cut, Spears sits at the bar in a blonde wig and watches herself take the strip club stage. Here we get black and white clips from stripper Britney’s life. We see her get out of bed in the morning and walking down a Los Angeles side street, presumably on her way to her gig on the pole.


The blown out neon light effects that gave the original video a particularly seedy feel are less prominent here. In their place we get shots that linger on Britney as she bumps and grinds on a striper pole alongside backup dancers in a leather vest, fishnets and ill-fitting booty shorts.

Another change comes into play at 2:05 when Britney loses the vest. There’s really no delicate way to say this: There’s a lot more skin here. Shots of Britney’s booty bouncing abound and there’s plenty of side boob.

Check out the leaked original video after the jump.

When Britney was shooting this video, we remember the press being whipped into a frenzy over reports that she would bare (almost) all. And while the official video itself was pretty scandalous for Britney, we were surprised when we saw that she didn’t take things too far. Turns out she did and director Jake Sarfaty (or execs at Jive Records) decided to tone things down.

Check it out:

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