You Really Like Lady Gaga’s ‘Heavy Metal Lover’ … A Lot


Last week we asked you two questions, and the answer to both was Lady Gaga’s “Heavy Metal Lover.” “Lover” took over 51 percent in our poll of your favorite songs of 2011 (so far), and now we can reveal the track also bested “Scheiße,” “Marry the Night” and “You and I” as the song you’d most like to see be her next single.

“Lover” left its competition in the dust, scoring nearly 50 percent of the vote. “Scheiße,” Gaga’s thumping meditation on how powerful women are treated by society, came in second with just over 36 percent.

Our personal choice, “Marry the Night,” came in a distant third, with 10 percent, and the Mutt Lange-produced rock ballad “You and I” brought in only 1.4 percent of the vote. “Marry the Night” was inspired by Gaga’s hometown of New York City and was originally intended as the first single from Born This Way before it was scrapped in favor of the title track. “You and I” is a fan favorite piano ballad-turned-arena anthem that Gaga and Lange transformed with claps and a guitar solo by Queen’s Brian May. She’s been performing the song, which is said to be about her relationship with longtime on-off boyfriend Luc Carl, live for the last two years.

Check out the results below.

What should Lady Gaga’s next single be?

Heavy Metal Lover – 1,582 – 49.64%

Scheiße – 1,161 – 36.43%

Marry The Night – 320 – 10.04%

Other – 78 – 2.45%

You and I – 46 – 1.44%

What is it about “Heavy Metal Lover” that you, well, love so much? Also, “Other” grabbed more of the vote than “You and I.” What other Gaga songs would you like to see get the single treatment? Tell us in the comments!