Dada Life Remix Lady Gaga, Kid Cudi During Roof-Rattling Set

By Akshay Bhansali

Was Lavo New York ready to do the Dada this morning? As regularly is the case for New York’s most exclusive nightclub, by midnight, beauties and ballers alike had amassed in front of gatekeeper Cristian Achirili’s door in pursuit of bottles and big-tune bangers. Whether they had planned on it or not, dance-music DJ/producers Dada Life ended up driving models and city tycoons to tear the roof off of the Strategic Group’s New York dance-music mecca — almost literally.

As you can see from the photo, Dada’s Olle Corneer and Stefan Engblom were welcomed with open arms even before they took to the decks with silver glittered “DADA LIFE” letters firmly affixed to the ceiling. That changed very quickly …

After DJ Jeffrey Tonnesen spun a pretty stellar opening set, which included David Guetta’s bombastic unreleased gem “Bass Line” (off his electronic disc Nothing but the Beat double album), the Swedish titanic twosome brought the ruckus, launching into their 2010 single “Just Bleep Me” (sampling Benny Benassi’s “Satisfaction”). The room of beautiful drink sippers flipped into a frenzy, with pumping fists banging around Dada Life’s customary large inflatable bananas and champagne bottle. By Quintin’s edit of Afrojack and R3hab’s “Prutataa,” just the third song, all that was left of the ceiling fixture spelled “IFE.” The mob had its way with the rest.

It was this humble journalist’s first Dada Life show, but in covering electronic dance music for MTV News, I had a vague idea of what to expect: brash, unapologetic, hard-hitting bang-bang-boom-boom. I found it to be an electro-house spectacle, like the fireworks of the Fourth of July — on repeat. Track after track, hands were in the air as the Dada dudes leveled the room with stellar remixes, including Kaskade’s “Dynasty” and Dan Black and Kid Cudi’s “Symphonies,” and we have to praise their pretty amazing rendition of Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way,” no doubt laying Sausage Fattener (the name of their new plug-in) on a delightful ’80s throwback, transforming it into the greasiest of electro-house home runs. Originals “Unleash the F—ing Dada” and “White Noise/Red Meat” also rocked the room.

It’s also worth mentioning the night’s big sing-along, which came when New York native Nadia Ali’s “Pressure” vocals began bouncing off the walls. As Dada Life dropped into Alesso’s remix of the Alex Kenji, Nadia Ali and Starkiller’s chart-topper, the crowd chanted back to the decks in unison: “Come around/ Feel the sound/ Boy, you make my heart pound/ Fill me up/ Bring me down/ When I hear your sound.” Whatever gusto Dada Life bombed Lavo with this morning, the crowd seemed bent on returning in kind.

Salute to AM Only and Adam, Betty and Cristian at Lavo NY for the hospitality.

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