Calling all Mau5keteers: Deadmau5 Wants Your Help With His Head


By Adam Stewart (@AdamMTVNews)

Summer heat and humidity keeping you locked in the air-conditioning blindly staring at your computer? Well, we’ve got a little something to help you to pass the time as you’re surfing the web for summer time beats on these sweltering afternoons – and the reward is moar than just cheese. So get out your sketch pads, and put on your thinking cap, because it’s your chance to design Deadmau5’s new head.

Team Deadmau5 and Talenthouse are for the first time placing Deadmau5’s head on the line – literally – putting his next signature cranial contraption in the hands of his fans. When MTV News caught up with Deadmau5 backstage before his recent set at Encore Beach in Las Vegas, he admitted that his army of loyal (and intelligent) mau5keteers are naturally already well ahead of the curve.

“[Talenthouse] said ours was the first contest where kids were able to figure out how to cross link their image and then post it somewhere else, so other people could see their entries,” which they don’t normally do, he explained. “[Typically they] collect them all, show them all to us and we can just pick out the good ones, but now I can go back on my Facebook and my Twitter and click the links that the kids are posting to see the heads, so I’ve already seen a lot of them!”

And just what is up for grabs for this friendly competition you ask? Well let’s just say it’s not your average prize pack. Not only will Deadmau5 physically produce and wear the winning Mau5head on his tour, but the winner will also receive a pair of VIP passes, round trip travel and accommodations to one of Deadmau5’s “Meowingtons Hax” tour dates in Los Angeles (August 25-27) … and oh, did we mention you’ll get to meet the man himself? And who knows, maybe you’ll even get to pet his furry sidekick Meowingtons – if you’re lucky.

“At first I thought, ‘Yeah it’s a fun idea that anyone can do because you don’t have to be like a freaking Picasso.’ You can just come up and illustrate a good idea!” he said. “I was expecting just a lot of crap, [but] I started checking some of the links and some were like ‘oh man, why didn’t I think of that!’ So we’re going to pick the one that’s obviously affordable, not the solid gold one, I’m sorry! But I’m going to pick the most creative one, make a head and pick prizes and things.”

Without a doubt, there will be many worthy designs thrown into the mix. So while all can’t get the full service treatment and meet our Canadian friend face to face, the first 5 runners up will receive two VIP tickets to a Deadmau5 show near their home town, and an additional second set of 5 will get their hands on some fancy Deadmau5 signed swag. Not bad for using a little creative elbow grease. Submissions are due by July 12 and winners will be announce on August 3. Visit the Talenthouse website for more information.

Planning on entering the contest or checking out any of the Meowingtons Hax tour? Let us know in the comments below!