Kelly Clarkson's Song Leaks: Does It Compare To 'Since U Been Gone'?

Kelly Clarkson

Let's cut Kelly Clarkson some slack for the recently leaked possible lead single off her next album, "Let Me Down." It seems that everyone wants Clarkson to immediately delight us with "Since U Been Gone" right off the bat, and well, this song just isn't quite that song. Not that it's bad, it's just not spectacular either.

But a quick dive into Clarkson's singles history proves that a lot of the time her second single is the one that really wows us. Don't believe us, well here's the proof.

"Miss Independent" was the second single off Clarkson's debut album. Everyone was certainly Thankful for it, making her lead off that album, "A Moment Like This," a forgettable moment of pop schmaltz. "Miss Independent" defined Clarkson as the anti-pop star whose sass and flair for feminist pop certainly made her the star she is today.

As with Thankful, Kells dazzled us with the second single off Breakaway. After releasing the title track off that album, Kelly actually tickled our eardrums with "Since U Been Gone." Nearly seven years later, it stands as one of her defining tunes and a raucous girl power anthem.

Listen below.

We're going to pass over the My December period of Kelly's career, since it didn't resonate with audiences like her prior work. That brings us to her 2009 pop powerhouse album All I Ever Wanted, which pretty much got our attention from single number one. She kicked off that release with "My Life Would Suck Without You" and then followed it up "I Do Not Hook Up." Those two tracks followed in the tradition of "Since" and "Independent," proving that she had come back from the darkness of My December.

Who knows what "Let Me Down" means for this next album, which is set for release later this year. Does it touch on some of the best aspects of some of her greatest songs? Sure. But, does it equal the greatness of them? Well, not really. But Kelly's always been a second single kind of gal.

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