Nick Jonas Joins Fellow Famous Faces Who Have Covered Lady Gaga

By James Dinh

Attention Lady Gaga fans: there’s a new Little Monster in town, and he goes by the name of Nick Jonas. Yes, the youngest singer/songwriter of the JoBro trio put his paw up for the pop megastar on Friday by covering her latest single, “The Edge Of Glory,” during an acoustic performance in Los Angeles.

Like many of her fan covers that have flooded the world of YouTube, Mother Monster caught wind of the performance and took to Twitter to gush about his rendition. “Swoon! Nick Jonas singing The Edge of Glory … On my way to press conference in Taichung, listening to it. So dreamy! X,” Gaga wrote. Accepting her approval tweet, Jonas replied to the singer, writing “the pleasure is all mine. That is a beautiful song. Keep inspiring the world.”

Now, if Jonas’ Gaga fandom comes as a surprise, then you’re in for a treat, as the MTV Newsroom has decided to take a look back at some other noteworthy Gaga covers from even more friendly faces you might recognize. You know what they say, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Chris Daughtry, “Poker Face

Chris Daughtry is used to adding his own touch to hit songs, as he did on his journey during the fifth season of American Idol. But he clearly isn’t tired of the tradition as noted by a video that surfaced on the blogosphere of the rocker performing to the tune of one of Gaga’s earliest hits “Poker Face” inside the studio walls of a German radio station.

Katy Perry, “Born This Way

Despite tweeting some not-so-subliminal jabs over Gaga’s clip for “Alejandro,” Perry took time to cover “Born This Way” during the Paris stop of her California Dreams tour earlier this year. During the acoustic segment of her Candy Land-filled show, Mrs. Russell Brand paid her respects to her pop peer by singing a stripped-down version of the smash hit alongside two guitars.

Courtney Love, “Bad Romance

If you ever ask Courtney Love to take on a Lady Gaga tune, expect lots and lots of expletives. Almost a year after “Bad Romance” had taken over the world, the 46-year-old rocker took the dance tune to a New York City show, giving the RedOne-produced cut a NSFW-worthy spin. As Love made her way through the song, she created half of her own lyrics and mumbled the rest. After the performance, she shouted, “Done! Thank you! Never ever again, so I hope it was good for you!” Bonus fact: Paramore singer Hayley Williams also took on the song (and did it justice).

Semi Precious Weapons, “Dance In The Dark

It wasn’t much of a surprise when SPW spent part of their soundcheck covering a Lady Gaga song. I mean, the glam-rock band were Little Monsters even before the pop star coined the term. And yet, unlike any old cover, the band personalized the track into something special when they included parts of their own song, “Statues Of Ourselves,” into the arrangement.

What is your favorite Lady Gaga cover? Tell us in the comments.

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