Five NKOTB Songs Justin Bieber Should Cover


Producer Jim Jonsin recently revealed to us that he’d love for Justin Bieber to channel the ultra smooth pop of the New Kids On The Block on the next batch of songs he puts out.

Since Biebs recently dished to MTV News that he’s working on new music and the fact that boy bands are having a moment right now thanks to the success of the NKOTBSB tour, we’re totally into that idea.

Justin’s silky vocals are very reminiscent of Joey McIntyre’s back in the day, so having him get into that groove feels about right to us. Even though Jonsin did note that he doesn’t want him to literally cover the New Kids, just to take inspiration from their tunes, it got us thinking: What NKOTB songs would be perfect for Justin to cover?

“Step By Step”
Anytime we get to hear Bieber count the reasons why he loves us in a song, it signifies musical gold to me. Am I right people?

“Right Stuff”
We’d love him to sing this song, if only to learn the New Kids shuffle and perform it LIVE in concert.

“Please Don’t Go Girl”
Hello! This is absolutely perfect for Justin. Joey’s star-making ballad has one sugary sweet message about losing the love of your life and it’s certain to get the girls swooning.

“Cover Girl”
Considering he’s actually dating a real life cover girl, this song perhaps speaks to him in the most autobiographical way of any NKOTB song.

“I’ll Be Loving You Forever”
What Belieber doesn’t want to hear this generation’s Jordan Knight sing this sweeping ballad about the power of love?


What New Kids songs do you think Bieber should cover? Tell us in the comments!