Remembering Some Of Alleged Car Thief Courtney Love’s Crazier Moments


By Zachary Swickey

Bats**t crazy Courtney Love moment no. 172: Courtney jacks photographer David LaChapelle’s car outside the Soho House in the Meatpacking district of New York City. Well sort of…

According to the New York Post, Love swooped the ride “with permission” to visit director Brett Ratner’s house and promised LaChappelle she would return so they could attend his exhibition at the classy Lever House. Surprise, surprise, Love was a no-show, instead she stayed at Ratner’s through the night and probably watched the sun come up while she begged for a role in Rush Hour 4 (we made that last part up).

Heck, even the Soho House ratted her out when a rep commented on the debacle, saying, “Courtney did take his car. David was flipping out and going crazy at the front desk that Courtney stole his car.”

The Post even rang up Ratner for comment. “Courtney and David are best friends,” he said. “We were all supposed to go to the Lever House together, but I was too tired.”

Sounds like just another day in the life of Love and her celeb companions. This is child’s play compared to past antics of the loudest and proudest female in rock music. Here are the top five Courtney moments that would even put Amy Winehouse to shame.

Lollapalooza Fisticuffs

Love’s outfit that put her on the map, Hole, had released their breakthrough second album Live Through This and found themselves with a prime spot at Lollapalooza way back in 1995. So things were going pretty good before the Fourth of July stop on Hole’s tour, when Love straight-up punched Bikini Kill singer Kathleen Hanna in the face … after flicking a lit cigarette at her. Supposedly, Hanna had made a joke (legitimately inappropriate, if true) about Love’s daughter (and that of the late Kurt Cobain) shooting heroin in a closet. Ouch! Hanna pressed charges and after pleading guilty, Love had her first taste of anger management class.

Madonna Interview Crasher

In a classic slice of MTV history, the great Kurt Loder was busy interviewing Madonna at the 1995 Video Music Awards when all of the sudden something visibly whizzes by the head of the Queen of Pop, nearly hitting her. Of course, it was just Courtney chunking her compact at the singer, before stumbling up to the platform and inviting herself into the interview. Madonna is surprisingly cordial given the whole ordeal, but you can clearly see the frustration burning in Loder’s eyes as the train wreck unfolds for seven minutes straight.

Photo Shoot from Hell

In late 2002, Courtney was in London to take part in a photo shoot for UK music mag Q’s special 20th anniversary issue. What went down would be a complete nightmare for even the most understanding photographer, as the singer reportedly poured champagne all over her body, set a few things on fire and unabashedly got a bikini wax in front of everyone in the room. After making her way outside, Love stripped nude and laid in the street and even caught a cab while naked. But hey, at least they got some interesting pics! And did I mention it was Christmas Eve?

Oscar Bludgeoning

Lynn Hirschberg of the New York Times has been known to ruffle a few feathers of the music elite. M.I.A. once posted the journalist’s phone number to her Twitter after an unfavorable profile ran, but she ain’t got nothin’ on Love. Hirschberg’s even more scathing piece on Love claimed that the singer used heroin while pregnant with her daughter. Firing back, Love repeatedly called Hirschberg the dirty “C” word on her voicemail and wrote a song called “Bring Me the Head of Lynn Hirschberg” (such subtlety). It all came to a head in 1995 at an Oscar party when Love tried to crack the journalist’s skull with Quentin Tarantino’s Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay of Pulp Fiction.

A Walking, Talking Tabloid

This girl loves to talk and loves people to hear her talk, so and if you have a knack for code-cracking, you might be able to decipher some of the typo-ridden text that she has tossed on Twitter and Facebook. In late 2009, she posted a doozy when she randomly made the claim that Britney Spears’ dad molested the pop star: “imagine the father that molested you owning you for slavery while your forced to sing songs picked for their sexual content every night, insane right?” Love doesn’t cite any sources, of course, but she has it on “First had authority,” so you know it must be true. The post has since been deleted, but nothing is ever really gone from the Internet.