Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber Pay Homage To Internet Roots In Google Chrome Ads

Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber are currently the reigning king and queen of pop, for argument’s sake. So it makes sense that the two biggest pop stars around have hooked up with Google Chrome for endorsement deals. And in a lot of ways it also makes sense that both videos pay homage to their respective pasts, since in many ways these two stars are really shining examples of the digital age we live in.

They are the definition of what it means to go viral, and their ads each shed some light on that very notion. Gaga debuted her video a while back and on Wednesday night, Bieber premiered his. So how do the two videos stack up?

Bieber’s is a very literal take on his rise to fame, taking fans on his journey of posting his first YouTube video online and the way those videos took off with fans. There’s no new footage of the teen star, instead if focuses on vintage and fan clips. The ad perfectly condenses the 17-year-old’s rise to fame.

Gaga, like always, went a bit more artsy for her commercial. Gaga’s clip pays homage to Rocky in some ways. Decked out in short shorts, a hoodie and bandana, Gaga runs across the Brooklyn Bridge with her hometown of New York City serving as backdrop. Intermixed is footage of her fans doing their best Gaga, as well as footage of Gaga doing her business (blogging inspiring messages, her makeup).

On the surface, they might feel different, but the themes of both ads are the same: Bieber and Gaga wouldn’t be where they are without the Internet or their fans. Say what you want about either of these pop stars, but they at least know where they came from.

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