The James Franco Music Video Has Arrived (And It Is As Absurd As You'd Expect)

James Franco

Professional Renaissance man James Franco is busy. He has, ahem, seven different films in various states of production, including August’s Rise of the Planet of the Apes and Sal, the Sal Mineo biopic he is also directing. This is, of course, in addition to his studies at Yale University, where he is getting his PhD in English. In the last several months, he’s had art shows, filmed a documentary about what goes on backstage at Saturday Night Live, hosted the Oscars and now he has a music video.

The actor is one half of the duo Kalup and Franco, who will release their debut EP Turn It Up on July 12 via Dutty Artz, the label founded by Jace Clayton, aka DJ/Rupture. So that’s also happening.

Kalup and Franco’s first official single is called “Rising” and in the trippy video for the track, the 127 Hours Oscar nominee appears randomly (and mostly sort of transparently) sitting on a couch (we think) while his partner in weirdness Kalup Linzy floats around crooning. This is obviously a no-budget parody of an indie music video, right? That almost seems too easy for Franco, so we’re sure there’s something in there about the state of consciousness in the 21st century world.

Anyway, check it out after the jump and let us know your thought in the comments!