The Voice Heads Into The Home Stretch With Awesome Performances

By Stefan Doyno

We’ve been following The Voice lately, and there have been some awkward bumps along the way, but last night’s episode finally hit a high note. The finals episode was filled with surprises and creative performances. Here’s what happened in case you missed it.

Javier Colon, from Team Adam sang an original song titled “Stitch by Stitch.” Adam Levine, his mentor, got choked up after the performance while discussing how close the two had become during the show. “I’m so excited for you, and the amazing things you’re going to do with your career.” Levine said.

Later on, Levine and Colon performed an energetic duet of Michael Jackson’s “Man in the Mirror.” It worked out perfectly because Adam made sure to not outshine Javier, letting him have the spotlight for his final performance.

Dia Frampton, the 23-year-old singer/songwriter from the band Meg and Dia, who Christina Aguilera for some reason often refers to as either “cozy” or “cuddly,” performed a duet with her coach, Blake Shelton. The two sang Tom Petty’s “I Won’t Back Down.” The duet did not have the finesse of Adam and Javier’s and the backdrop looked like something out of a Saw movie.

Later on, Dia’s original song “Inventing Shadows” was upstaged by a background of interpretive dancing shadows. “I got distracted by all the stuff happening in the background. I didn’t need all the stuff,” Levine said. Even though last night was rough on Dia, her record is pretty solid and this shouldn’t affect her placement during the results.

Vicci Martinez performed an original song too – “Afraid to Sleep,” which was about her father who had passed away. The judges reacted positively to the performance. Cee Lo Green stuck with the sentimental theme of the show, telling Vicci, “I am in full and total, complete support of you, I love you so much, I hope you’re as proud of me.”

Beverly McClellan and coach Christina Aguilera sang “Beautiful,” by …Christina Aguilera. Both singers are great in different ways, but when put together, their performance seemed a bit unbalanced. Luckily, when Beverly took the stage on her own to perform her original track, “Love Sick,”, she got to really showcase her talent.

The final performance of the night was a complete showstopper. Vicci Martinez and coach Cee Lo sang “Love is A Battlefield” and killed it.

There where theatrics, of course, from karate and dancing children to spiked football gear. Cee Lo looked like a Power Ranger villain, and Vicci looked like Miley Cyrus back when she couldn’t be tamed.

It was the best performance of the night, though, we can’t forget to give props to the great showing from Pitbull and Ne-Yo, who sang their summer anthem “Give Me Everything.”

Awkward Alerts:

>>> “The crazy thing about this show is … we all sit here and have the best time watching you as spectators that’s a really unique quality that no shows really have.” Once again, Adam is pretending he has never heard of American Idol.

>>> Vicci also quickly thanked Adam for giving her a pair of jeans. “I can’t say she’s been in my pants,” Blake quipped.

>>> Aguilera could be seen enjoying the backup dancers by playfully clawing at them. Oh, Christina.

>>> Pitbull’s lyric “My family’s from Cuba, but I’m an American Idol, got money like Seacrest.” Hopefully, Adam wasn’t paying attention.

Final Word:

Last night, we got to see a more personal side of the judges and their contestants, who ended up looking less like contestants and more like mentees. It seems like The Voice is paving the way for an even bigger and better second season. So who do we think will win? Our guess is Dia Frampton.

Obviously, I can’t leave you without one last “Awkward Alert.” Did anybody else see Cee Lo’s lewd and crude gesture as the camera panned over the contestants at the end? Apparently “V” doesn’t only stand for “Voice.”

What did you think of last night’s episode and who do you think will win tonight? Let us know in the comments below.

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