Who Should Sing The Next Bond Theme Song?

By Matt Goodhue

With James Bond star Daniel Craig’s secret marriage to Rachel Weisz late last week, we at MTV News have rekindled our excitement for what’s in store for the British secret agent. Although the latest Bond movie, the twenty third in the series, is not due out until October of next year, there are already talks about which artist will be writing the theme song that defines the cunning, swift and fearless actions of agent 007.

Jack White and Alicia Keys performed the theme to 2008’s “Quantum of Solace,” and the list of artists in the running for this gig has made us curious as to how they will interpret the James Bond theme. Each of these artists has a unique sound and surely can bring something different to the table. But who will best capture the essence of the world’s longest-running secret agent?

Kings of Leon

If I had any say in the matter, I would surely pick the Followill clan to turn out a distinctive track. With a distorted bass leading the way, the guys in Kings of Leon could add some heavy rock and roll to pick up the excitement and danger that follows Bond’s latest mission. Singer Caleb Followill commented on the possibility of the song, stating, “I’ve always wanted to work with strings so that would be a good excuse to do it.” A full orchestra backing the Kings’ rock while Daniel Craig speeds through a fiery explosion? Sounds pretty epic to me.

Lady Gaga

It seems like Lady Gaga can do just about anything, so a theme song for a Bond film would just add to the list of the accomplishments she’s achieved. Lady Gaga is an incredible songwriter and has a distinct, powerful voice that could truly capture the mayhem that would ensue on screen. Gaga’s unpredictability would fit perfectly with the always-on-the-move lifestyle of Bond, but perhaps she would need to perform something harder than her poppy dance music.

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Michael Buble

There’s no doubt singer/songwriter Michael Buble has an incredible voice and a knack for catchy tunes, but how would his style match up with that of a smooth agent? Perhaps Bond will throw on a Buble record when he’s wooing the ladies, but I can’t imagine the Canadian singer pumping up the audience during a chase scene. I’m sure even James Bond would sing along to “Haven’t Met You Yet,” but when it came down to saving the world, I think he would need to listen to something a little edgier.


While Beyonce proved to be a sassy secret agent as Foxy Cleopatra in “Austin Powers: Goldmember,” I think the soul and emotion she puts into her music would mirror the dedication James Bond has to being a total badass. Beyonce’s powerful vocals and unlimited range make her a great candidate for the Bond theme, capturing the intensity of the film’s plot and action. Even if Beyonce doesn’t make the cut for the theme song, I’d gladly watch a modern-day Foxy team up with Bond and unleash many cans of whoop-ass.


Currently, talks have favored Adele as taking the cake for the latest Bond theme song. While it’s obvious the English singer is filled to the brim with talent, I can’t help but question how her bluesy style will coincide with my action-packed Bond expectations. Although, I can imagine hearing a song like “Rumor Has It” echoing as Bond walks in slow-motion from an exploding building. Let’s just say that this talented young singer is full of surprises, so I’m sure she’d be able to create the perfect environment for 007.

Who do you think will perform the best Bond theme? Which other artists should be considered?