Justin Bieber Should Challenge Bobby Flay To A Grill-Off


This summer, Justin Bieber is going to take some time to just chill out. As he shared on Today on Thursday, his big plans are to just have some fun, relax and start work on a new album. Luckily, we had the pleasure of catching up with Bieber on Thursday in NYC at an event celebrating the launch of his new fragrance Someday, and he dished on what his favorite thing to do in the summer is.

“Favorite thing to do in the summer?” he pondered for a moment. “Have barbeques.”

The answer was actually kind of surprising, since it pretty much confirms there isn’t much of anything that Bieber can’t do. Between singing, dancing, being awesome and his fledgling acting career, the fact that his skills as a chef are only matched by Food Network star Bobby Flay leads us to believe that he’s nearly perfect.

We repeat: nearly. Read on to find out what Biebs isn’t so good at.

“I can barbeque. I mean, I don’t make the sauce very well, but I can grill,” Bieber said.

Wait, he doesn’t make the sauce well? We doubt that. However, he also shared that his skills in the cooking department don’t go far beyond using a grill. “No [I can’t cook],” he clarified. “I can just grill and stuff.”

Ok, so maybe he’s not perfect, but balls in your court, Flay.

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