Kara DioGuardi Judges My Songwriting

Kara DioGuardi

Kara DioGuardi took a lot of lumps from American Idol fans during her two-year stint as “the fourth judge.” Hell, anyone who keeps up with my Idol coverage knows I’ve employed far too many Kara DioSaster puns.

Things are different in KaraLand now, though. She’s absolutely killing it as head judge on her latest TV endeavor, Bravo’s Platinum Hit, a reality competition where aspiring songwriters battle it out to become America’s Next Top Diane Warren. (New episodes premiere every Monday night. So much drama, and the songwriters are actually talented!) Plus, Kara escaped Idol with her sense of humor intact, joking openly in interviews about her less-than-stellar time on live TV.

Last week, Kara stopped by MTV News and I had about a zillion things to ask her. But I also wanted to give her the chance to critique me. I’ve made mortgage payments thanks to her Idol gaffes, so it’s only fair to allow her to get a few shots in at me. So I strapped on my songwriter cap and spent 20 minutes re-writing the lyrics to one of my musical “Glee-caps” in Kara’s honor. And then I performed it for her. To her face. And asked her opinion. Gulp.

What would one of the industry’s top songwriters think of my tune? Would she say the melody needs work? Or that my lyrics are cliché? How could I go on living if the person responsible for so many of my favorite karaoke jams hated my music?

Check out the video below to see her reaction. (Spoiler alert: she’s awesome.)


How great is she? We’ve got more from this interview to roll out, including hilarious stories about working on Lindsay Lohan’s sophomore pop album and writing songs about ladies footwear. Stay tuned!

And who knows? Maybe, just maybe, you’ll see a DioGuardi/Cantiello credit on Jason Derulo’s next album. Call me, Kara!