Exclusive Video: Dirty South To Release ‘Strictly Dirty South’ Double Disc Compilation

By Sam Hendrick

On an otherwise hot and sunny Memorial Day weekend in Las Vegas, an abnormal cold front made its way into the mix, leaving Tao Beach party-goers to seek shelter in their cabanas. Chilly, half naked bodies snuggled up under towels leaving the super posh party spot looking more like a ski lodge than one of the hottest poolside destinations in Sin City.

It was uncertain where the day would go from there but those in attendance were eagerly awaiting the upcoming set by Dragan Roganovi?, better known by his DJ moniker Dirty South. In a seemingly divine act straight from the pages of the biblical texts, the moment Dirty South hit the decks, the clouds parted, the wind subsided and the sun finally came out. Over the next two hours, Dragan’s killer set heated the bikini-clad crowd up to a proper Las Vegas temperature.

It’s safe to say this was one of our favorite sets of the weekend, and if it’s anything like his upcoming Strictly Rhythm compilation Strictly Dirty South, we’ll definitely be picking up a copy. After his set, Dragan was kind enough to sit down and chat in depth about Strictly Dirty South and what to expect.


“They gave me two CDs to mix so I had an idea where I would take the first disc and use [many of the old house tracks] that I grew up with, because obviously Strictly goes back to the 80s,” Dragan said. “The first CD is like my old school. A lot of strictly stuff. Then the second CD is more like today’s current banging house music.”

Disc 1 will feature some of the Strictly Rhythm classics from artists such as Aly-us, KOT, Lil Mo Ying Yang, Shakedown and Bob Sinclar, in addition to a number of re-edits from the archives. As Dragan states, Disc 2 will feature some of today’s current hits and remixes from Dirty South, David Tort, D. Ramirez, Thomas Gold, Green Velvet, Danny Freakazoid & Matt Casseli and Tristan Garner.

“Basically the CD is structured in such a way where I’m using some tools and some acapellas … so when you listen to the CDs you kind of get a feeling like you’re at one of my shows,” said Dragan. “You have to be at the show to really feel the energy but as far as the structure of the music, it’s kind of what I do in my shows, especially the 2nd disc.”

Be sure to check out the exclusive teaser of the two disc set in the video player above and pick up a copy of the double-disc compilation upon its release next Tuesday, June 21. And for all of you DJs out there, you can also grab a DJ friendly bundle featuring unmixed WAV files of each individual track and two separate DJ mixes exclusively on Beatport.

Listen to Dirty South talk about the album below: