Britney Spears Dancing Through Time

By Danielle Genet

Britney Spears’ Femme Fatale tour kicks off tomorrow in Sacramento, California. MTV News has been following Britney since the beginning but we’re so excited for one of this summer’s most anticipated tours, we’ve decided to look back at some of Britney’s hottest dance hits and help you relive some of Britney’s most memorable routines. Britney doesn’t just do the jazz square, she takes it to the next level.

Baby One More Time


Watching the “Baby One More Time” video stirs nostalgia inside us and her choreographed dance moves remain vivid in our memories. Britney even shows off her acrobatic skills around 2:19, doing a round-off back handspring. The video is one of many that showcases Britney in front of a pyramid formation of synchronized back-up dancers (around 2:41). One of the main purposes of a pyramid formation is to focus the audience’s attention on the dancer in the center, which gives Britney the chance to shine. It also gives the back-up dancers the opportunity to improvise for a few counts and then everyone can join back together at a specific count without looking sloppy.

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Oops! I Did it Again


Britney’s music video for “Oops! I Did it Again,” which premiered in 2000, was out of this world. Britney, dressed in a shiny red latex catsuit, shook her hips, swung her arms and flipped through the air planet Mars. The heart-pumping choreography for the line “I played with your heart” around 1:32 goes down as the one of the most repeated Britney moves to date. She repeats the chorus choreography twice in the video, but Britney gets away with it because her moves are full-out and sharp. At the end of the video, Britney takes a few steps forward out of formation to proclaim “I’m not that innocent.”

I’m a Slave 4 U


In every tour thus far, Britney has clung on to the original choreography (taught by the talented Wade Robson and Brian Friedman) for “I’m a Slave 4 U.” Britney stripped down the year before at the VMAs, so she stepped up her game with an entrance in a lion cage and danced with a live snake at the 2001 show. Sweaty and barely dressed, she traded in the animals to bump and grind with her dancers in the video. On a mission for water, smoky-eyed Spears absolutely kills it with an intricate dance sequence starting at 1:20. In the routine, Britney emphasizes visual body rolls (she had some belly dancing training), which created so much fan favor that videos re-creating the dance still flood YouTube.



The “Sometimes” music video was poppy and innocent and Britney’s dance moves resembled the softness of the lyrics. The choreographer of the video allowed a “fun” feel to evolve out of the dance by creating various formations and catchy dance moves. For example, for the lyrics “hold you tight” Britney crosses her arms over her heart while bouncing from side to side. The formation of the heart of dancers surrounding Britney at 2:35? Amazing…enough said.

Me Against the Music


Britney and Madonna’s dueling-duet on “Me Against the Music” was hot, hot, hot. This music video rounds up our list because of the multiple and unbelievably great dance sequences that are involved. Britney breaks out in tight, powerful moves around 0:52 while looking fierce in her fitted black suit. At around 1:26, Britney and Madonna engage in a battle, in which Britney seems to overpower Madonna with her dancing posse against a solo Madonna. At 2:11, Britney and her dancers, in a V-formation, engage in hip-hop-style movement. Taking note of one last routine, at 2:52 Britney dances perfectly in rhythm with Madonna’s words “I’d rather see you bare your soul” as Britney presses together her palms and raises them to the sky and ends that routine sliding to the ground as we watch Britney “take it down.”

Which Britney video do you think is her best dance video? Let us know what you think!

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