NKOTBSB Reveal Tour Pranks Involving Nudity

No tour is complete without some antics, and it seems that the men of NKOTBSB are not immune to pulling pranks. In fact, they seem quite into the idea of putting one another in uncomfortable situations.

When MTV News caught up with New Kids Donnie Wahlberg and Danny Wood, as well as Backstreet Boys Brian Littrell and Howie Dorough backstage during their tour stop in New Jersey on Monday, the guys shared what they’ve been doing to one another to keep themselves entertained and keep their counterparts on their toes.

“I was told night after night to look down during ’Hangin’ Tough’ cause there’s a glass floor on part of the stage and I keep forgetting cause it really is one of the most special moments for me in the show,” Donnie warmly recalled. “Well, I finally looked down and I saw Nick Carter’s naked bum. He mooned me from below the stage. Very pale bum.”

Jealous and afraid you’re missing out on something? Well, he added, “I think some people are high enough in the seats that if they thought to look down they could probably see it…”

That’s not the only time male nudity has happened whilst on the road. Howie shared, “They got us pretty good one time too…”

Want to know how? Read on to check out the video! Also, shout out to R_A_M_89 for the fan-submitted question!


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